Update to Special Report - Fund for Reopened Cases in New York

Episode 17 · May 13th, 2016 · 15 mins 45 secs

About this Episode

New York has a "Special Fund for Reopened Cases" to assume liability for reopener workers’ compensation claims. When a claimant moves to reopen a "stale" case, the employer/carrier requests relief from the "Special Fund for Reopened Cases." By shifting cases over to the Special Fund, the carrier/employer shifts the burden for paying compensation to the Special Fund. Question & answer session on the impact of the Board’s decision to appeal the recent appellate panel decision finding the closure of the Special Fund for Reopened Cases unconstitutional.

Date Presented: May 13, 2016
Presenters: Attorneys Tashia Rasul and Declan Gourley
Run time: 15:47